Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's funny how having a baby makes me get out the camera again  (and start blogging again lol.)  Baby Ashton is such a joy in our family.  Mason is doing great adjusting to a baby brother.  I can't wait until they can play together. 

Mason turned three this month and started Pre-School, which he loves =).  We are still working on potty training.  He does great with number one, but number two... let's just say he is being a stinker about it =).  He saves it up until his nap, when he knows I won't make him sit on the potty and make it happen.  It's frustrating because he knows how to do it on the potty, he is just being sneaky and waiting until I'm not around.  I wouldn't care, but it is interrupting his nap time.  Oh well- this too shall pass, right?!?  One day we will look back and laugh about it together. 

Ashton is growing so fast. I can't believe he will already be 7 weeks on Saturday. We are blessing him this Sunday, which I will glad to have over with because it is stressing me out. LOL. Here are a few pics from his photo shoot from last week. Thanks to Justin @ for another great set of pictures!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can You Tell How Much I Love Winter??

My blogging hiatus has been largely due to the fact that I HATE winter, and therefore have had nothing fun to report =)  LOL not really- TONS has happened this Winter, though I am extremely grateful for warmer temps and the sunny days to come.  Here are a few of the exciting things that have happened since October of last year..

We had 2 Weddings!!

First, Matt and Brit's.  They had their wedding and reception at the Point.  It was beautiful and I couldn't be happier for Matt.  Brittany is so amazing.  She has the best personality! She is one of those people I admire for always being so cheerful.  AND I have no idea how she puts up with Matt =P

The second wedding was Tim and Jess'.  They had a beatuful reception at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, which was SO Jess.  Their ceremony was amazing- my dream beach wedding at the Cuvier Wedding Bowl in La Jolla.  We are very happy for them!! (And excited to be done planning her wedding for her while she works her butt off getting her Masters Degree)

And we have a THIRD wedding planned for June 3rd.  I am so so so happy for Ben and Jobie (Pete's twin brother and super sexy fiance!)  We thought this wedding would never happen...   I love this pic of them at the Oakley Rodeo last 4th of July.

I have been knitting a lot.  My latest creation was a pair of wool (alpaca) gloves Pete could use while fishing.  I'm not sure why I support his annoying habits.. aka fishing... but I guess that's what you do for the people you love, right?? LOL.  Apparently the wool is supposed to keep your hands warm even if they are wet. 

We have snowmobiled into the cabin a few times this Winter.  We were up last weekend and everyone was sad that "it is probably the last weekend we can snowmobile in this year."  Maybe I'm the crazy one- but I can't wait until we are snow-free and sitting out on the deck in the SUN!!

Aww.. What a cute uncle =)

As always, I have to whine about my baby getting huge.  Mason has gone from TINY 5 LBS 13 OZ....
To Chubby Baby..
To my little crawler...
To A Little Man!!
He is going to be 2 in a few weeks.  I can't believe how the time has flown by.  He is such a sweetheart and a joy in our family. 

He has recently found a new play place--
He loves to make the light go on and off!
I love the crazy positions he sleeps in!!
Last week, I gave myself an early b-day present from Mason and cut the top off his paci. He has only been allowed to have it at nap and bed time for about 5 months, but he started reaching in his crib and sneaking it all the time.  Monday he threw the biggest tantrum because he wanted it, so i chopped the top off and gave it to him.  Of course he was super mad and chucked it across the room.  I honestly think it was harder for me than him!! Besides the 4 hours of crying that day (and 3 on Tues, 2 on Wed), it was nice to have at church/grocery store to keep him happy and quiet.. and in the daycare at the gym so he doesn't put everything in his mouth.  That being said, we are now binkee free and SO happy about it!! It has cut down the whining a ton!!

Well, that's enough of my marathon post- but I really want to keep up on the blog so hold me to it, guys!! Oh- and if your blog is private, send me an invite because I haven't been on for so long that I can't get into some of your blogs.  Happy Spring!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer Fun

We had such an awesome Summer! I am having a really hard time saying goodbye to the sunny warm days and moving on to fall. Here are some pics of what we have been up to:

We went to Lake Powell the 2nd week of July. We found the most beautiful canyon with a waterfall at the end of it. My dad, Pete and I hiked back about a mile into the canyon. We followed the stream and found a ton of tadpoles, crayfish, and other animals and bugs.

Mason is a water baby to the max! He loves splashing around and collecting things to put in his bucket.

We had to take the traditional pic at Rainbow Bridge.

We have had a blast in the kiddie pool (mommy and baby!) I admit, I have read a good book or two laying out by the pool while Mason naps. I have to take advantage of the perks of being a stay at home mom with only 1 kid while it lasts!

There is only 1 volleyball tournament left this Summer in St.George on Oct 17th. I will miss those Saturdays hanging out in the sun!!

Mason and Aunt Jobie =p

One weekend at the cabin, we hiked up to Fish Lake. It was beautiful, but WAY too long of a hike for me (6 miles each way.)

Mason put rocks in and out of this waterbottle for about an hour! Sometimes I wonder why I even buy toys..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's been a while since I've blogged... big surprise =) Life is so crazy. I really thought when I became a stay at home mom, I would have more time. People that don't have kids won't understand, like my little sister (bless her heart) who said the other day "why can't you come visit me- it's not like you have anything to do." HAHA- She will understand one day.

Mason has been doing so great. He just turned 14 months, and gets cuter every day! I love watching him learn and grow. He seriously makes me laugh about a hundred times a day. Here are some pics of what we have been up to

My Mom is the sweetest lady ever and helped me make this frog cake for Mason's 1st Birthday. It took us the better part of an afternoon..

He loved it! Mission accomplished!
Mace and I spent the day at Red Butte Gardens with his cousins Maddy and Kelsey. They had a blast
This is Greta, my dad's new puppy. We have been babysitting her. She is adorable!
Pete and Ben play Volleyball most Saturdays. Sibling rivalry at its best!
One night it was way too quiet-- so I ran around the house looking for Mason and found him splashing a dog bone in the toilet. I know it's gross but I couldn't help laughing and grabbing the camera. (I swear I stripped and bathed him after =p )
My girlfriends and I try to meet once a month for lunch. It is so great to have some girl time! We all can't wait until our kids are old enough to play with each other.